Checks Reference

The service of checks reference will facilitate up to date information regarding any check without funds. This service will inform you about the history and financial behavior of the person who sign the check and also will provide you with the only check risks information. You can inquire and verify past records on a specific account with just a phone call or swiping the check through an electronic reader.

With this service businesses can accept checks while having a security in all their check sales. Payment Processors International will permit right of entry into one of the most extensive data base to its members. This access is possible through our call center and/or checks readers which are provided by us.

How does it work?

When a check is received at the point of sale (POS) the cashier must swipe the clients check through a reader and then put into the same devise his/her identification number and the amount of sale. Then, the reader will send this data to our center in order to get processed, if this check is not in good stand due to insufficient funds or for some other reason, you terminal will get a decline message. Right at this moment the cashier should give to the client a card of reference (which will be given by Payment Processors International) and also should instruct the client to call our center in order to determined the reason of refusal, and by doing so the company will be free of any responsibility of the authorization denial.

Once the person that wrote the check calls our center an analyst will explain the reason why his/her check was turn down for endorsement.